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Blasting Equipment

The products listed below are representative of our current line, although this is a short listing! If you desire a product that is not listed below, please contact us for more information.

American Blasting Mats (rubber mats) - ABM offers blasting mats in sizes that range from 4x4 feet up to 15x20 feet. They offer both lite-weight and heavy duty blasting mats. ABM also offers a Redi-Road mat as a transportation mat for construction vehicles on marshy river beds, mud flats and soft ground.

Mazzella Blasting Mats - Mazzella Mats are wire rope mats designed to vent gasses while containing fly rock. Venting means more control; more control means less problems. Wire-rope blasting mats are heavy enough to do the job but light enough to minimize machine operator error.

Dryrite Dewatering Pumps - The Model M-80 Portable Pump System is well suited for small diameter blastholes on close centers. The pump can be easily moved on the shot by hand and does not require hose reels to handle the suction hose. For high capacity and self-contained dewatering, the SK-200 Series can be used to dewater small diameter blastholes as well as the largest in the industry. This unit will operate two suction hoses simultaneously. This unit is powered by compressed air.

Blasthole Dewatering Systems - The BDS pump is a unique device that uses low pressure low volume compressed air to efficiently remove water from blastholes. Compressed air is used to inflate the sleeve, thereby expanding it to form a seal in the hole. Pressurized air displaces the water and forces it into the intake line to the surface.

Research Energy of Ohio - REO has been recognized worldwide for its design quality of blasting machines and sequential timer blasting machines. The individual time delays in the sequential timer are programmable from 1 to 999 milliseconds in 1-millisecond intervals. REO safety and test accessory instruments offer pre-blast equipment analysis to evaluate equipment integrity in order to conduct a safer blast operation.

EIT - EIT offers several capacitor discharge blasting machines for heavy-duty quarry and construction blasting, as well as for surface mining, sewer and pipeline blasting.

White Seismographs - White offers a complete line of seismographs, which include the Alpha-Seis units (which incorporate an on-board printer) as well as their Mini-Seis units.

Nomis Seismographs - Nomis manufactures the Nomis 6000 seismograph, which gives you such features as immediate blast data viewing and an on-board printer. Nomis also offers the Mini-Graph 7000, which is a small unit with the ability to store 340 one second, full waveform events.

PMT - PMT offers the eXAD-8 Seismograph for high accuracy vibration and sound measurement.

Safety Devices - Safety Devices offers a variety of blasting accessories and equipment. The equipment consists of remote blasting machines, ohmmeters, blasting multimeters, lightning detectors, shock tube initiators and other equipment.

Wizard Devices - The Demolition Safety Light is an electronic device specifically designed for checking the continuity of firing circuits or electronically initiated pyrotechnic devices. The Wizard50² is a capacitor discharge-blasting machine, which can fire 50 electric caps, in a series on a one-half mile reel of military communications wire and is the size of a pack of cigarettes.

Energia KFT- Manufacturer of chub packaging machines and ribbon blenders for mixing ANFO and emulsion blends.

Raven Pumps - Raven outboard bearing pumps are used to pump emulsion blasting agents. The rubber gear pumps are safe, economical and reliable. Raven pumps are designed and recommended to be operated at approximately 400 rpm and not in excess of 100 psi pressure. The pumps are available for 2, 3 and 4-inch pipe diameters.

Adtec - ANFO water-resistant coating is a coating for free-flowing anfo which adds water resistance. It is easily loaded by bag, bulk or pneumatic loading equipment. WR-ANFO has already proven its effectiveness with over 60 million pounds in use in wet blasting conditions throughout the US, Canada, and other foreign countries.

Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps - Continental Progressive Cavity Pumps discharge fluid without pulsation in a constant steady flow. Displacement remains the same with each revolution permitting accurate predictable metering. All fluids are pumped with a minimum amount of turbulence, agitation, pulsation or separation disturbance.

Radio Remote Blasting Machines (Rothenbuhler Engineering)-  These blasting machines can remotely fire both electric and shock blast without the need for lead in lines.