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For over three decades Precision Blasting Services has sent their blasting consultants and blast vibration consultants to many countries to solve blasting problems.

Past projects include consulting for quarries, metal and nonmetal mines, coal mines, harbors, tunnels, shafts, stopes, highway construction, locks and dams, landfills, trenches, concrete demolition, bridge demolition, structural demolition, explosive development and numerous other explosive applications.

Precision Blasting Services Engineers developed much of the new technology used today in the blasting industry.  We pride ourselves in providing the best Explosives Engineering available to obtain optimum blast design. 

Our mission is not only to solve problems but to also reduce drilling and blasting cost. We have routinely saved operations from 25%  to as much as 80% on their drilling and blasting costs.

Precision Blasting Services sells no explosive products in North America.  You therefore get a totally independent technical evaluation of the problems on an operation without any product sales.

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